Recently shared Facebook articles and links re: 1 in every 13 people alive are on Facebook; in the U.S., a whopping 72% of the internet-connected audience

Lots of changes on Facebook lately. I recently met with one of our IBM Eastern European regional teams and shared a few Facebook suggestions with them.  Here are the links for with the detailed readings for your information.

Why are we evolving our Facebook strategy and implementation in IBM System x Brand? (general stats and graphs)

There are half a billion people on earth on Facebook, which amounts to 1 in every 13 people alive; in the U.S., a whopping 72% of the internet-connected audience has a profile.
Infographic: The World Lives On Facebook

New Social Media Marketing Fact: 6x More People Using Facebook Than Twitter! #

Facebook “Likes” More Profitable Than Tweets [STUDY]

Is Facebook Killing Off The Company Website?


Leveraging your existing Facebook platform:

How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition

ReadWriteBiz: How to Optimize Your Brand’s Facebook Page For Search Engines

Improve Engagement on Your Brand’s Facebook Page [STATS]


Still want more?

Actually, Facebook Marketing Does Work (If Done Right)

Facebook is Great, But Does It Make Businesses Any Money?

5 ways Facebook is changing search marketing

Security Firm: Facebook Should Better Protect Its Users –

Twitter Considering Facebook-Style Pages for Brands [REPORT] –

Facebook’s iPhone App To Let You Check In to Events

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