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Marvelling over Domino’s nearly perfect delivery on website post-order experience

January 27th, 2009

Domino’s never had the best tasting pizza but they perfected expected delivery time.  I think that they may have another hit with “Pizza Tracker“!

First of all, I love their order confirmation page that shows your pizza in every step of the process.

Domino’s Pizza Tracker

No more wondering where the pizza guy is or IF he is coming.
I even know the name of the delivery guy when he comes to the door see below “Brian”

Delivery Person Name

Want to get good feedback personalize your survey too.  Are you really going to diss Ursala
for being skimpy on the cheese or toppings?  Harder to give 2 stars to a real person!

Domino’s Pizza Tracker Survey

The ordering system could use some improvements like automatically saving my last three orders or something to that effect.  But all in all I loved the post order system and it blows the competition’s doors off!

Try them next time you need some quick grub in under 30 min! Link to buy some PIZZA!

Lookout Webex I am trying the Skype Mac OSX Beta

January 12th, 2009

Look out CISCO is an understatement. This could be a WEBEX killer. Video conferencing that will allow you to talk and share your screen with anyone using Skype Mac beta. I assume you will need the latest version on your side…but not the beta.

Improve your meetings and allow others to participate off-line.
Add your existing tools that can also record the chat with tools from Jing, or SnapzPro and distribute to your network. Much easier video messaging and it integrates well with your current toolset.

Hold your next podcast with 25 of your not so closest friends!