Free web seminars around 2 of my favorite books – Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations

Ever read one of those books that really hits you in the gut? These are great reads that will help you in work and life.

Do Any of These Situations Sound Familiar? You might be stuck if you relate to or recognize any of the following situations.

  • When setting goals, your boss gives unreasonable targets but no one dares question them. Later, when the team falls short of the plan, everyone shrugs and says, “I knew we’d never make it.”
  • Your teenage daughter violates her curfew – again. When you reprimand her, she lashes out that you’re too strict and overbearing. You simply wanted to communicate a concern for her safety but now your relationship is damaged.
  • Your boss rarely acknowledges your comments in meetings, doesn’t return your phone calls, and fails to relay vital information. There’s no way you’d surface the issue because doing so would just make you look even more pathetic.

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Must read newsletter from Roy Williams the Wizard of Ads

Most days you open your email and there is nothing but junk.  Monday I clicked on my favorite marketing guru’s newsletter and saw something brilliant but familiar to me.  Then it hit me…not everyone has the pleasure of having the Wizard Academy in their backyard.  Roy’s presentation on the  Society’s 40-year Pendulum as part of the New Client Orientation on Feb 5. and again during the  Free Public Seminar on Feb. 12.The Wizard will be making this very presentation!I will be there to see it for my 3rd time Feb 12th…why don’t you jump in the rabbit hole with me!