Colleges Using Facebook to help students find roommates via Facebook? Looking beyond gaming…

Colleges Using Facebook to help students find roommates via Facebook? Looking beyond gaming…

Ran across this in my daily reading…

Colleges Use Facebook to Let Freshmen Find Their Own Roommates LINK to article

By Sophia Li

This summer, incoming freshmen at five universities can use a Facebook application to find their roommates. Students can use the application, RoomBug, to fill out forms about their preferences for living and qualities they’d like to see in a roommate. Students can then request a match, which the other incoming freshman must confirm.

RoomBug is hardly the first service to let students match themselves: Tulane University announced a partnership with online service RoommateClick two years ago.

But RoomBug, which the company U-Match LLC just rolled out at Emory University, the University of Florida, Temple University, Wichita State University, and William Paterson University of New Jersey, tries to go where the students are.

“Everyone is on Facebook,” says Robert Castellucci, the service’s co-founder and sales director.

Over a quarter of the University of Florida’s incoming freshmen have added the Facebook application, he says, but numbers on how many matches the service helped make are not yet available.

My thoughts…

I like that Roombug is taking this across all the channels of room hunting.  They have a version each…1). The University housing department 2)  The OffCampus students to by-the-room 3) Apartment owners/locators referral service and 4) Direct for the students

Fishing where the fish are!  By utilizing Facebook RoomBug can take advantage of existing profile information and data.  Students can really find out more about prospective roomies via their Facebook pages than a single interview.  This also can make it less awkward to pass over or reject.  Wonder if this opens up the discrimination conversation…here comes the ACLU(yes, I saw the Equal Housing logo).  I can hear it now, “I didn’t get that apartment because I am less digital than other people!”

This is great for Facebook!  They can tap into the college crowd…at least those who have not already signed up!

SEM/SEO free advice for a Friend of a Friend :-)

SEM/SEO free advice for a Friend of a Friend :-)

I got an email from a friend today encouraging me to help her friend get their business site more Google love.  They are trying hard, but sending a letter to your friends asking them to search for your site on Google probably won’t help much.  Your content must do more than just be a commerce page…give your customers reasons to come back again and again.

Here is the site: You Can Dig it!, gardening, bulbs, mixer, drill, gardening, bulbs, mixer, drill

Not the best way to get traffic but any traffic helps.  I would have a few other suggestions.

1.  Creating a YouTube channel and adding videos of the product in action.  Perhaps encouraging customers to upload or send in videos/pics of their gardens and planting.
2. Create social buzz with Facebook fan page, Twitter account and a blog connected to their site that gets regular updates.  Use Google tools like  Gardening news would be best and fresh content
to keep people coming back to the site.
3.  Encourage people to social bookmark the site rather than search for it.  “Digg it!”  fits right with their brand and is a better way than trying to get them to search Google for the site.
4. Buy a book like SEO for dummies.  (Search Engine optimization) Good book on best sellers list “Six Pixels of Separation”
5. Paypal is how you buy it…and that is not listed as a way to buy it.  Secure payments are better but I understand.
6. eBay Store site connected to your website also drives traffic
7. Craigslist listings with links to website

Membership has it’s rewards!  So they say…Marriott loyalty reward gone wrong!

Membership has it’s rewards! So they say…Marriott loyalty reward gone wrong!

This Saturday evening I checked into my hotel and came back to my car sporting a shiny gift for being a Silver member rewards member. When I showed it to my 7 and 9 year old they LOL laughed out loud. What was the gift? A bottled water with a ribbon and thank you note attached. The kids and adults in the car could not stop laughing…saying things like “that is a gift?” and “why bother?”

Certainly there are better things to give a guest like setting up my sofa bed? After all they knew that I was in an efficiency with 4 people and only one bed? Maybe the manager is not that empowered. Maybe they should read about the Fred Factor or anything customer service related 🙂

Marriott would have been better off NOT handing out a gift at all. If the gift has no prestige or value then it is better to just say thank you and move on.
At least we got a good chuckle at their expense.


Really engaging social media dialog takes time and effort…just like running a marathon.

I really like this approach to social media from blogger Larry Brauner. Most people see it as a sprint or even a brisk walk up the stairs. Really engaging dialog takes time and effort…just like running a marathon.

Marathoner Mindset
Here are seven ideas to help you develop the mindset of a marathoner:

  1. Make a serious commitment to do whatever is required to attain your social media or web marketing goals. This is an absolute prerequisite.
  2. Find your “Bob Glover.” I had more than one coach on my way to becoming a chess champion and teachers to help me learn cello and Talmud. I have mentors now and plan to have more mentors in the future. Get yourself a mentor. As I now like to say, “The ultimate shortcut is doing it right the first time.”
  3. Don’t wait until the conditions are perfect for launching your campaign. I’ll always remember what I heard Mike Litman say, “You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going”.
  4. Join one business networking site at a time and take the time to master it. Social networking sites can be intimidating at first. Learn a new feature, practice it, and go on to the next.
  5. Start out blogging once a week. It’s hard to begin, especially if, like me, you’re not a professional writer. You can increase your posting frequency later.
  6. Realize that there’s a steep social media learning curve. Do not quit. So many people join Twitter or Facebook or begin blogging and quit shortly thereafter. They expected to sprint a 100-yard* dash, not to run a marathon.
  7. Don’t forget about the “social” in social media. Get to know a lot of people and have a blast!

Link to the full story…

Spongebob is an $8 billion franchise? and he is only 10

Interesting article in Advertising Age on Spongebob’s wide appeal. Here are some juicy tidbits directly from the article:
        $8 billion- Total retail sales of Spongebob products globally each year
        $813 million – total measured ad spending “SpongeBob” logged at Nickelodeon from 2004-2008, according to TNS Media Intelligence        76 million – number of people watch “SpongeBob” at some point every quarter
        700 – Number of SpongeBob license partners WW
        16 million – number of people who have visited since it launched in January 2009, according to Omniture
        10 – number of states wher Burger King franchises reported “Spongenappings” or stolen SpongeBob inflatables
        3500 – Number of Walmart stores featuring storefront SpongeBob merchandise in a March promotion

Article supports why my wife and I enjoy SpongeBob just as much as the kids…and my college age nephew! Success can be attributed to SpongeBob’s
wide appeal across all generations. Try watching and you will be hooked too.

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Twitter book deal “A tale of 2 College Students”

Book deal for 2 College Students for “Twitterature: Tweeting Classics on the Web”

This may be the ultimate combination of Cliff’s notes and social media.  maybe not the ultimate. 🙂

The Twitter revolution continues apace as two 19-year-old college freshman just sold “Twitterature: The World’s Greatest Books, Now Presented in Twenty Tweets or Less” to Penguin.What has this world come to?  and who would think that you could twitter any of the classic tales (140 characters at a time…less if they want a retweet.)
Yet that’s the concept behind a new book penned by two rising University of Chicago sophomores, titled Twitterature: The World’s Greatest Books, Now Presented in Twenty Tweets or Less. The project’s Web site calls it “a humorous retelling of works of great literature in Twitter format.”