Lookout Webex I am trying the Skype Mac OSX Beta

Look out CISCO is an understatement. This could be a WEBEX killer. Video conferencing that will allow you to talk and share your screen with anyone using Skype Mac beta. I assume you will need the latest version on your side…but not the beta.

Improve your meetings and allow others to participate off-line.
Add your existing tools that can also record the chat with tools from Jing, ecamm.com or SnapzPro and distribute to your network. Much easier video messaging and it integrates well with your current toolset.

Hold your next podcast with 25 of your not so closest friends!

Amazing video and amazing service

This is a really kool service to imbed videos in your blog. Asterpix. Unbelievably easy to use.

I find it amazing that even with the first movie being almost 30 years old that Star Wars is a huge craze for preschoolers.
My Kindergarten age child AND 2nd grader are totally emersed in Star Wars of all things. It started with a PS2 game of LEGO
Star Wars and now is out of control.

Yojimbo – Funny name but great product

Serial numbers all over the place, can’t keep track of passwords, todos, web screen captures, URLs and generally cannot find your stuff? I found this MAC tool tha I am pretty excited about and you should try it too! Worth it for the software serial number tracking and password locker alone. Yojimbo Link