Home Office? I got this wireless headset and it is great!

Freedom to walk around my office/home used to be much harder.  I had a wireless headset with a teathered dialer piece.  Not bad, but nothing like what I have today. My new headset is crystal clear and has dual earpiece…helps to drown out outside noise.  It truly works 200+ feet away from my office…I forgot I had it on and started to drive off before it dawned on me.  LOL. 

It gives me free hands to brainstorm on my whiteboard, type away on my computer or just make my lunch.  Nobody can tell it is a headset and the the mute button makes it perfect for conference calls.

Disclaimer:  I have used this product successfully for over 30 days now and I get NO payment for this recommendation.

 LINK to Wireless Headset details