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Just browsing through the SXSW startup companies for 2013 and complaining about their choice of keynotes…

Just browsing through the SXSW startup companies for 2013.  I am not going to SXSW this year mainly because of funding issues but also out of protest that they have Al Gore as a keynote.  What a joke!  Most of the time Southby gets intelligent and interesting people…Mr. Gore is neither of those.   Not a political statement just stating the facts.


Startup Spotlight
Located in the heart of Startup Village, this special reception shines a spotlight on new and emerging startups. There will be complimentary drinks and demos from participating companies (listed below). Join us on Friday, March 8, from 4:00-6:00pm at the Hilton Downtown Austin 4th Floor Foyer (500 East 4th Street).

  • Bloomfire
    A Knowledge sharing tool for the modern workforce. Bloomfire helps you capture, display, save, and share information, connecting people who have the knowledge with those who need it.
  • CityBot
    Citybot is a mobile app that creates personalized itineraries for visitors both new and familiar to a city.
  • Close.com
    Bringing true relationships together in a fun new way.
  • CloudBees
    Build, run and manage your Java apps in the cloud with the CloudBees Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Cogsy
    Taking the BS out of getting a custom site and managing it. We’re going to make businesses better and save them time and money. We’re not stopping until we’re everything to everyone. $20 a month. Websites for the rest of us.
  • Collaborizm
    A new approach to serendipitous discovery for collaboration. Collaborizm offers intelligent matchmaking for projects and collaborators, simplified project management and communication tools and a diverse community based on shared values.
  • Crowd Act
    Crowd Act Inc is a Calgary, Canada based start-up and launching the beta version of crowdact.com, a subject-based social media and network in SXSW.
  • eevzdrop
    eevzdrop is a fun, new way to share your day-to-day life experiences with the rest of the world through audio recordings.
  • Glocal
    Glocal provides stories to the world’s communities from the people who represent them.
  • Guide
    Guide turns your favorite online news and social streams into video. Guide’s TV news style format allows you to watch your favorite content instead of having to read it.
  • Hater
    A mobile app that allows you to share the things you Hate. Hate on celebrities, politicians, bad service, too much traffic, and annoying Facebook “friends.” Simply, your random daily Hate.
  • Jobhuk
    “Crowdsourced Hiring” Jobhuk helps leverage the human network to Hire and Get hired via Referrals. Pays referrer on successful hires.
  • Light of Creativity
    Light of Creativity is a startup company that presents LIGHT, a Web System that helps record, organize and share your life.
  • Not it Labs
    Not iT is a smartphone app that helps groups of people who live, work or play together to delegate real-world tasks from a gamified hub.
  • Social ID
    Social I.D. presents ASKIE, your personal mobile “Ask the Audience”. Askie is an app that is all about advice, whether you’re giving it or getting it.
  • Speeker
    Speeker is a mobile social network where people can openly share pictures, news, and opinions based on proximity.
  • Talentwire
    Talentwire powers talent acquisition for the #open era. Leverage your team’s expertise and culture to attract and engage a higher level of better matched candidates.
  • Transporter
    Transporter is an online, but off-cloud social storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.
  • Userify
    Userify is a mobile and agent-based platform for secure public cloud User Management and supports both SSH and API role-based authorization and authentication.
Is Twitter saving FastCompany and the publishing business…or Killing it? CliffThoughts

Is Twitter saving FastCompany and the publishing business…or Killing it? CliffThoughts

How do you find out about articles in Forbes, Fast Company, NYTimes, etc. ?
I don’t subscribe to any of those publications anymore but I do read their articles almost daily. Of course, when I read them I am assaulted by advertisements…and yet I still read them!

Strong content always wins regardless of the advertising clutter. But I digress…

What do you think? Do you subscribe to print anymore? Did social media save them or will it eventually kill them?  Can they survive on advertising revenue alone? I think they have to try as more and more of us go digital and social continues to grow.

Recently shared Facebook articles and links re: 1 in every 13 people alive are on Facebook; in the U.S., a whopping 72% of the internet-connected audience

Lots of changes on Facebook lately. I recently met with one of our IBM Eastern European regional teams and shared a few Facebook suggestions with them.  Here are the links for with the detailed readings for your information.

Why are we evolving our Facebook strategy and implementation in IBM System x Brand? (general stats and graphs)

There are half a billion people on earth on Facebook, which amounts to 1 in every 13 people alive; in the U.S., a whopping 72% of the internet-connected audience has a profile.
Infographic: The World Lives On Facebook http://tinyurl.com/6cohvy9

New Social Media Marketing Fact: 6x More People Using Facebook Than Twitter! http://bit.ly/hSwqxC #

Facebook “Likes” More Profitable Than Tweets [STUDY] http://t.co/zZhPM7i

Is Facebook Killing Off The Company Website? http://ow.ly/4ihcW


Leveraging your existing Facebook platform:

How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition http://bit.ly/gGG9F9

ReadWriteBiz: How to Optimize Your Brand’s Facebook Page For Search Engines http://rww.to/gtzWE2

Improve Engagement on Your Brand’s Facebook Page [STATS] http://t.co/9nh8Dsh


Still want more?

Actually, Facebook Marketing Does Work (If Done Right) http://rww.to/hxjWtJ

Facebook is Great, But Does It Make Businesses Any Money? http://rww.to/eMl3KK

5 ways Facebook is changing search marketing http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/28875.asp

Security Firm: Facebook Should Better Protect Its Users – http://on.mash.to/g5i0J0

Twitter Considering Facebook-Style Pages for Brands [REPORT] – http://on.mash.to/e77Cr9

Facebook’s iPhone App To Let You Check In to Events http://on.mash.to/f2NKWC

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2011 South by Southwest Interactive iPhone/iPad Must-have Apps, sites and tools

2011 South by Southwest Interactive iPhone/iPad Must-have Apps, sites and tools

Going to SXSW-South by Southwest 2011 arm yourselves before you show up! I will try to avoid the obvious ones like Twitter tools or eMail

Card scanner app for reading business cards and brochure urls CamCard

Choose your location poison: Gowalla or FourSquare or Facebook App

Localscope for restaurants, ATMs and more

Foodspotting or Yelp for restaurant advice and your input

Junaio for Augmented Reality browsing – Point your camera around you and check out your surroundings via user pics, atms locators and more

Panaramio website for taking pics and adding Augmented Reality snippets to your version of Austin

panoramio.com combined with Google Latitude

Logmein to check your home computer is expensive but worth it!

Be prepared!

First don’t make everyone read your write info from your name tag…make your own QR code business card! Perhaps personal version and a business version?  http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Print the codes out and make several copies.  Paste on your nametag and your ipad case 🙂

Here are my versions:

My basic information

Just a phone number

Read codes with a QR Reader BeeTag Reader Pro

Other tools to use:

Follow your friends and stalk your want to be friends http://plancast.com/

Local website Austin 360